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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ways to Follow our Olympic Trials

Hello friends and family!

Here are a few links to follow if you are interested in watch our World Championships and Olympic Trials. The 470 Women are scheduled to race in Perth, Australia from December 12th – 18th. We will race in 1 fleet (totaling 47 entries) and each boat will carry a GPS tracking device.

The Schedule as of now (Great for all night owls):
Monday 1:30am EST Race 1 & 2
Tuesday 1:30am EST Race 3 & 4
Wednesday 1:30am EST Race 5 & 6
Thursday 10pm EST Race 7 & 8
Saturday 1:30am EST Race 9 & 10
Sunday 12:10am EST Medal Race

Team GO SAIL: our updates and pictures through out the event

GPS Tracking: Filter the race you would like to view by clicking filter by CLASS and choose 470 – W . What is nice about this site is you can review races after they have happened. Note that the trackers have been acting a little crazy, so all data may not be accurate.

Live Regatta Blog: This site is a nice timeline of results and race info as it comes in. It also will tell you if the racing has been postponed.


US Sailing Team AlphaGraphics coverage:

US Sailing Team AlphaGraphics Blog (updated daily):

ISAF video recap of all racing:


Amanda Clark & Sarah Lihan


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